The Internet!! What Is Internet? Find Out Now!

Internet / Cyberspace

The Internet(cyberspace) consists of a huge network of

specialized computers called routers.

The job of each router is

to know how to move packets from source to destination.

The packet will travel across multiple routers  during its flight.

Imagine yourself in a room full of people

from different countries,

and everyone speaks in their own language only.

Now what do we need to do to have effective

communication between all of these?

We have to create a set of standards,

laws and terms that everyone understands and agrees on,

and this makes the Internet a unique thing, it is a system that allows

different computer networks to communicate and

communicate with each other using a set of normative laws

previously agreed upon, without these laws and standards

was not in any way For those networks to communicate with each other.

Now can you imagine with me how wide the Internet?

The Internet is a group of interconnected computer

networks that extend throughout people

throughout the world and depends mainly on

a set of hardware and a set of standards called protocols,

these protocols make the process of communication

between computers in different networks possible

and it also depends on the infrastructure Huge routers

or network access points and computers themselves,

then there are cables, wires or radio waves that

transmit signals between all of these devices.

Remote communication

It is a truly global system, giant cables connect

countries and oceans to each other and cross all limits,

and the growth of the cyberspace continues and new

devices join it every day and companies and

organizations seeking to connect it to remote areas

that have not yet connected to the Internet,

we can say that the Internet is a giant system

consisting of other systems smaller in size,

And if the cyberspace is one thing,

can we say that it has one owner?

Is there a specific person or

body that controls the internet?

Can someone have something that goes

beyond the borders of countries and oceans themselves?

This is what we will try to answer in our article today.

So who actually owns the internet?

There are two answers to this question,

the first is no one, and the second is a lot of people.

If you look at the Internet as a single unit if

no one owns it, there are organizations that

define the structure of the Internet and the way

it works but they have no ownership powers for

anything in the cyberspace, there is no government

or company that can claim to own the Internet,

we can liken the Internet to the telephone

system where there is no party A certain

possesses everything in it. From the other

point of view, we can assume that thousands

and millions of people and companies own the Internet.

In the end, the Internet consists of small

and different components, each of which

has its own owner, some of whom can control the

quality and level of your access to the cyberspace,

but they do not have the entire system despite

their ability to influence your use of the Internet.

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