Founded in 2019 as the principal source of music for Music, Spankradio is today the worldwide home of hip hop music for artists, producers, and their fans. Spankradio offers music in premium digital formats. Each week, Spankradio’s music collection is refreshed with numerous number of exclusive tracks by the world’s top hip hop music artists. Spankradio has viewers  in  Nigeria, UK, USA and in other regions all over the global. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Spankradio provides the global music fans community access to a vast catalogue of high quality, expertly curated digital music from the industry’s leading artists and labels.  Our knowledge of, and passion for, Music culture results in a constantly evolving and dynamic experience for our unique ecosystem.  Created by a music fan, for Fans, Spankradio doesn’t just serve Music culture, it defines it.

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